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Protection Nets (PE)

These nets are of high density polyethylene material with UV Stabilizers and manufactured on world class reputed knitting machines from Germany. The available qualities are Monofilament Yarn Nets, Double Mono/Tape Nets, Tape/Tape Nets and Tape Raschel Nets to meet various demands and requirements. The shade percentages are up to 95X. SYNTECH protection nets carry 10 years warranty for quality against any manufacturing defects or degradation of UV stabilizers. SYNTECH will replace any quantity free of charge if not in compliance with this warranty.

They are light, tear free, flexible, rust proof, strong and durable. Easy to clean with water. Easy to install with the provision of Edge Eyelets. Middle Eyelets can be provided if required.

The various uses and advantages of these nets are as follows:

  • To cover Car parking, Nurseries, Greenhouses, Farm Houses, Animal shades, Swimming Pools, School Shades, Playgrounds, Houses & Water Tanks to protect from Sun, Infra-Red, and Ultra Violet rays.
  • To use as Scaffold nets, Building Protection nets under construction, heavy cable protection nets on highways, and soil and concrete reinforcement.
  • To use as Wind Break Nets, sand movement control & Fencing Nets.
  • Recreational Use.
  • SYNTECH manufactures Anti Hail Nets and Fruit collection nets upon request.

Available in various colours. Standard rolls are available in 2M x 50M, 2M x 100M, 3M x 50M and 4M x 50M & 4M x 100M. Other colors and sizes are available on request. Stripped nets are also available for special purposes.


Considerable reduction in temperature is the principal advantage and aim of using shade nets in all places. Besides providing shade, there is also protection against the dust and a pleasant aesthetic effect. SYNTECH net allows an easy setting: the reduced weight makes the supporting framework more economical than with other types of covering.

SYNTECH monofilament yarn nets, double mono tape/nets are the best for all types of shades and parking areas. SYNTECH will undertake erection and installation of all types of parking and shade tents or request at extra cost.

  • Lightweight
  • Wind resistance
  • Reduces UV rays by 92%
  • Reduces infrared rays by 95%
  • Allow air circulation
  • Low cost
  • Comes in any color that will match surroundings for architectural purposes
  • Easy to install
  • Can be relocated without too many losses.

Tree Protection Nets

To protect the trees from Sunlight, infra red and UV radiations and winter frost as well as hail storms for better performance, higher fruit qualities, and less weeds.

Weed Control

Covering small trees gives better chances for good growth under severe conditions as they stop and control weed growth under tree roots thereby giving following advantages:

  • Nutrients for trees alone.
  • Reduces and prevents the use of weed control chemicals.
  • Reduces insect movement around the tree.
  • Reduces labor cost.
  • Reduces evaporation, saving and retaining water from trees which leads to better growth.


Air conditioning has great influence on the sanitary conditions of the animals. For the correct management of this problem the animal must be protected not only from the low temperature during the winter time but also during the hot summer months. It helps protects animals from High Infra Red rays and hot winds. During this period it is easy to note cases of unappetence, laziness and sometimes a marked depression of the females fertility. A correct protection of the building or boxes from the sun, done with SYNTECH net helps to solve the problems because

  • The temperature is reduced by 10 degrees at least.
  • There is a better change of air.
  • Pleasant sensation of freshness and relaxation.

This system is of an easy layout, both as shield for open boxes and on the construction slope. SYNTECH netting available in the widths 150cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm, versatile, high mechanical, durable and light weight, makes it simple to mount on structures. A team of 3 people can easily install 1000 square meters of shading in one day. See photos below.


The application of protective nets to scaffolding of a building in construction is becoming a safety requirement. The purpose of this protective net is to avoid the falling of any worker and any kind of material which could harm people or damage property. SYNTECH net is the traditional building net: width 200cm, 400cm with eyelet holes for fixing the net is available in rolls of 25 linear meters unlike similar products it is non-run. This means that threads don't run.


While pipes are placed underground, a signal which indicates their type and direction is useful, as it also gives, the operators of any mechanical, equipment, enough time to stop and avoid any breakage or deflagration. SYNTECH NET is a particular type of net which is placed above the pipes, at a distance of 50cm. Five different colors of the net identity the type of pipe. Blue = Water, Red = Electricity, Yellow = Gas, Green = Telephone, White = Drainage. SYNTECH net is non run, Shock proof and unassailable by chemical and physical agents. The net is made in rolls of 40cm wide and 200 meter length. See photos below.


In the SYNTECH range of netting SYNTECH have the best net for application in different fields of industry. SYNTECH net solves very well many problems as Anti Dust, Anti hail storm and as materials protection. For goods laying in the outside or inside of a warehouse. Coverings and shields for glass walls or big windows or warehouses made of undulux, in order to obtain a reduction of the temperature. This is particularly important in the case of stockade of plastic containers (for example mineral water plastic containers or those containing textile spuns).


In the horto-flori seedbed field, It is frequent to use the nets to protect tunnels and green houses against the hailstorm and to shade the area. The shade nets if correctly installed can be also used as anti hail storm. There should be a distance of 40cm between the green house and the net in order to obtain non-conductivity. The shading in the field, if sideways are closed, helps to obtain, thermic insulation very similar to the green house effects.

Anti hail storm net is very strong and non-run, double filling (which is not applied to other similar products which have single filling and tend to run so that the threads can shift)

  • Shade : monothread, shading net with a thin optical density.
  • Shade : Shading net made of monofilament and stripe, with a medium optical density:
  • Shade : monothread, shading net with a medium / thick optical density.
  • Shade : Shading net made of monothread and stripe, with a thick optical density.
  • Shade netting is produced in 150cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm, width. The shade netting can be stitched to produce other measurements. See photos below.


SYNTECH Net is the ideal net for shielding sports grounds, football grounds, tennis yards, swimming pools and others. It avoids the visibility from outside, and reduces the reflex of the sun and the force of the wind, so as to create the best positive conditions for playing in tennis courts. The contrast between green and white makes the ball more visible in the football grounds it avoids the visibility to a non playing audience. During evening performances the SYNTECH net helps keep the game without being disturbed by car lights. SYNTECH net can be used for advertising with publicity written or printed on it. In seaside areas, beaten by the wind it is advisable to adopt windbreak nets.


SYNTECH Net is the best and most practical material for making the well known "tents" easy to install, it gives a pleasant freshness thanks to its sailing movement. It is available in the following colors green/white, blue/white, yellow/black, yellow/white. SYNTECH net is specially indicated for covering large terraces or surfaces near restaurants, cafes and other public places. See photo below.