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This mesh is made of HDPE Monofilament Yarns with UV Stabilizers. It is used to cover fruit and grape trees, vine yards and many other fields to prevent from birds passing and attacking fruits. This robust and strong mesh is designed to give many years of use, yet very light in use.

Standard colors are Dark Green and Black with 18mm & 20mm square mesh with the roll sizes of 4M x 100M & 22M x 140M.

White with Orange stripe in the middle with 12mm & 15mm hexagonal mesh with the roll sizes of 5M x 100M, 5M x 300M and so on up to 15M x 300M.

Other sizes and colors can be produced against specific orders with bulk quantities.

This mesh can be used as a beautiful fence, against animals, around parks and gardens.


  • prevent passing and attack by birds
  • get higher yield
  • reduce wastage


  • Size: Width 4M to 22M, Length 100M to 300M
  • Mesh: Square 18 & 20mm, Hexagonal 12 & 15mm
  • UV Stabilized for longer usage
  • Knitted strong fabric, yet very light in weight
  • Other sizes can be made on request


Crop cover net is made of HDPE with UV Stabilizer. It is permeable to air and water creating a healthy growing environment. It helps germination and promotes growth and yield. It also protects crops from heavy rain, hail and wind. Its light weight around 35gms/SQM providing a shade of 30%. Available in roll widths of 2M to 8M and lengths up to 300M.


Narrow Mesh light weight net introduced by SYNTECH for protection of Vine gardens, etc. from birds and cattles. Available in roll widths of 1.25M & 1.5M and lengths up to 300M weighing 25gms/SQM, Natural White with UV Stabilizer.