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Hail Protection Net

SYNTECH Hail protection net is designed for countries that have extremely harsh hail storms to protect young plants, and green houses. Also the net is used in some countries to protect vehicles, car ports, car sales open lots, etc. Hail net is produced in Green, Black color but can be produced in other colors upon request. See photo below.

SYNTECH Harvesting Net for Olives

Collection of olives from the nets

An olive orchard covered with olive nets


The olive tree is a typical tree of the Mediterranean basin, since long time ago due to its economic significance among the Greeks, it was considered sacred and dedicated to the goddess Athena. The olive culture, the choice of the right lying position of the olive tree is very important: an exposure east on a lightly sloping and aired ground, where is not possible for the humidity to form harmful slackness, it is recommended. Some winds of moderated, are useful for the pollination, otherwise, in case of raging wind, is possible to verify damages due to the mechanical action, near the seaside the wind can bring the salt contents of the sea area and burn the leaves. In this case it is useful to adopt the wind break barriers. The crop is the voice which higher effects the production costs. In fact it has been calculated that manual crop represents 50% of the total production costs. The greatest economy is obtained with mechanical crop, by means of vibrating shovels that shake the leafage, combined with large pieces of cloth (nets) which gather the olives before they fall to the ground. This good solution for the olive press requires the use of a strong and large piece of cloth (net). The ideal nets made by SYNTECH supplied in rolls of 4x50 M, 4x100M and so on are the best recommended one. Regarding chosen olives where small bruises diminish the quality of the crop, it is advised the traditional method for the crop, aimed by nets which guarantee economy in the labor and a clean and good product. SYNTECH Olive net is used in this situation the color of the netting dark green or orange. The net is also utilized in strong or very irregular grounds because of its particular strength.