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NET WRAP for round agricultural bales, hay and silage

SYNTECH Net Wrap, made of latest generation of HDPE virgin polymers, is strong and cost effective for making round agricultural bales. Our Net Wrap rolls have been certified for its successful performance on all types of baling machines available in the world. It is available with or without UV stabilizers. Also available with UV stabilizers resistant to pesticides and chemicals to give high performance and durability. High percentage of UV stabilizers for very hot countries like Australia & South Africa are used for high performance and resistance. Edge to Edge Net Wrap

  • Protection from birds and insects.
  • Protection from Acarouse and diseases attacking fruits.
  • Reduces wastage and increases output by no less than 30%.
  • Protects from jealousy eyes.
  • Increases fruit size by preserving humidity.
  • Quickly riping of fruits thereby fast growth and yield.
  • Can be re-used at least for 2 or more seasons thereby less in cost.
  • Both sides of sleeve open with strong upper and lower draw strings for easy closure and opening.

Edge to Edge Net Wrap

SYNTECH have introduced recently a new quality Net Wrap which covers not only edge to edge but also over the edge of bale as shown in picture.

Tests have proved that under storage conditions after 1,000 hours at 23 degree centigrade the new polymers improved performance in both creep and tensile strength up to 50% giving an improved reliability in the product.

SYNTECH have standardized different colors for edge markers for easy identification of UV and non-UV rolls. Also has red roll end marker before 75M of roll ending for easy identification.

Available in Natural White color with colored edge markers, with widths varying from 121cm to 170cm and lengths from 1000 to 3000M. Other sizes and colors available upon special request and bulk order quantities.

Packed in a PE sleeve with sticky SYNTECH logo "Best Choice". Core ends are protected with plastic PVC plugs for avoiding core damage. Rolls are palletized and stretch wrapped for safe handling by sea and road transport.

SYNTECH Net Wrap can be used for other applications also like:

  • For concrete reinforcement for floor slabs and gypsum tiles.
  • Convenient to use for crop protection and coverage.
  • As Mulch Wrap, 68cm wide on smaller baling machines.
  • As Auto Wrap for coverage of scrapped vehicles movement by trailers or trucks.
  • As Turf Wrap.
  • AS Turf reinforcement net.

SYNTECH Net Wrap net has many advantages over other baling systems:-

  • Saves time (only two and a half rounds are necessary).
  • Saves money (increase your baling production by up to 25%).
  • Easy to use. (The nets are easily removed with a pocket knife).
  • Weather resistant wraps tight, helps reduce water penetration.
  • Versatile SYNTECH round bale net wrap is manufactured from 100% HDPE.
  • They are color coded in order to ease sorting and storing in warehouses and to prevent mishandling on the field in order to avoid unnecessary confusion.


  • Silograss is a 3 layer blown extruded film
  • Manufactured with top grade LLDPE material
  • High quality tackifier giving maximum cling for airtight seal on every bale
  • UV Stabilized for sunlight UV protection
  • High resistance against puncture and tearing
  • Conveniently used on round or big square bale wrappers without breaking under normal usage conditions
  • Performs well at all weather conditions
  • Produced fro optimum performance up to 70% stretch.

Available in following sizes:

Width Length Thickness Use Color Roll Weight
750mm 1500mm 25 Micron Round & Square bales Black/White 25kg
500mm 1800mm 25 Micron Round bale Black/White 25kg
375mm 1500mm 25 Micron Mini square bales Green/White 25kg
250mm 1800M 25 Micron Mini bales Green/White 25kg