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Vegetables & Fruit Sack for packaging

Sacks made of High Density Polyethylene are strong and convenient to pack fresh vegetables and fruits ranging from 2kg to 50kg. These are knitted sacks available in different colors and sizes as continuous rolls for auto packing and as cut sacks with draw string for manual packing. The draw string is placed along the top of the bag for easy closing and tying. Automatic rolls available for customers that wish to convert their own bag on automatic machines. These rolls are of 2000-3000 sacks/roll depending on capacity and requirement of customer. Sacks can be manufactured with printed stickers and labels with a handle too upon special request. SYNTECH Sacks are made with food grade master batches safer for consumable packing. Cut sacks are packed in PP bags.

Sacks are used for fresh vegetables, the main sacks being for onions and potatoes in very high quantities, cabbage, carrots butter nut are also being put in these sacks. These are also ideal for fruits like lemons, oranges, etc.

It has been found that sacks made from woven PP are damaging the fruits. Therefore it is now internationally recognized that knitted sack are the best solution. They can be matched and produced according to customers samples and choice.

Sacks can be produced for other applications as the customer may request. It can be used as mail bags, cotton harvest bag, etc.

Since international vegetable and fruit export regulations require that all colors used for vegetable and fruit sacks are food grade colors, therefore all SYNTECH sacks are made of food grade colors.


Sacks Capacity Sacks Height Sacks Width Qty Per Bale Color
3 45cm 20cm 1500 red, yellow, gold, green
5 60cm 20cm 1500 red, yellow, gold, green
7 60cm 25cm 1500 red, yellow, gold, green
10 60cm 30cm 1000 red, yellow, gold, green
20 70cm 40cm 750 red, yellow, gold, green
25 70cm 50cm 600 red, yellow, gold, green
50 85cm 60cm 500 red, yellow, gold, green