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Fruit Protection Sleeve are of special design and pattern with or without UV Stabilizer. These high quality sleeves are made for protection of Dates, Bananas, and Grapes. The following advantages are obtained by using these sleeves.

  • Protection from birds and insects.
  • Protection from Acarouse and diseases attacking fruits.
  • Reduces wastage and increases output by no less than 30%.
  • Protects from jealousy eyes.
  • Increases fruit size by preserving humidity.
  • Quickly riping of fruits thereby fast growth and yield.
  • Can be re-used at least for 2 or more seasons thereby less in cost.
  • Both sides of sleeve open with strong upper and lower draw strings for easy closure and opening.

For better protection we recommend to use these sleeves after one month pollination and before coloring. These sleeves are available in standard sizes. For Dates protection available sizes are Small (65 x 65cm), Medium (85 x 85cm) & Large (110 x 110cm) in Dark Green color. The size of the sleeve is determined by the size and age of the tree. Other sizes and colors can be produced as required.