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Fruit & Vegetable Tubular Sleeves & Rolls for packaging

PE Tubular Sleeves, knitted, are available in sleeves and roll form. The standard sizes are 38cm wide, 100M long, 52cm wide, 250M long sleeves and 51/54cm wide, 1500M long rolls and 5000lm continuous bulk bags. Used for automatic, semi-automatic and manual packing of fresh vegetables, fruits and dry fruits in agricultural companies, packaging industries and marketing centers.

The packing capacity of these sleeves vary from 500gms to 5kg depending upon requirement.

It is the most economical and low cost packing system saving time, labor and packing cost.

It gives attractive shape and hygienic satisfaction for customer to buy quickly.

It causes no damage or scratch on the products.

It is easy to carry and store.

It is made in different widths, lengths and colors to match product colors for attraction and easy use. It is made of food grade materials for safer consumable packing.

It can be produced according to customers samples and choice.

It can also be used fro packaging other products like chicken, etc and for promotional activities.